Craig A. Boisvert / Artist

I started life as a native Californian in Oceanside (a Marine Baby), made the big loop living in Chicago, Troy - Ohio, Denver and Los Angeles before moving to the Central Coast where I reside today.

I love the process of artistic creation in so many mediums. As a child growing up in Ohio I would peruse the art supplies isle in the grocery store to bring home a new pad of paper, new kinds of pencils, inks and charcoals. Many teachers as I was growing up thought that I needed different placement in classes and that I just didn’t fit in with the other kids. 

I was voted most artistic in high school and had a thriving jewelry business in my parents basement by the time I was 17. I never worked in fast food like most of my friends, I just made jewelry for fun money. That hobby would get more serious.

Since then I’ve worked in various facets of the jewelry business and have been the jewelry designer/goldsmith at SERENGETI WEST FINE JEWELERS since 1991. Self taught in graphics, electronics, furniture making, digital & film photography, and now computer skills. My painting style is free spirited and loose with just a little A.R. thrown in for detail. With all my interests (time wasters?) I keep very busy. It also keeps me off the streets!

I hope you enjoy my corner of the web.

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designer / jeweler / painter / photographer

My automotive show photography above is in the Photos Section.